Tuesday 14 December 2010

You Should Know By Now About Falling Girls' Names

Belfast's Girls Names did a brill cover of Julee Cruise's 'Falling', the eponymous 'theme' of seminal Lynch TV program Twin Peaks, which you can read about here. Ive been watching a few episodes here and there thanks to the Horror Channel, and loving it. Anyway, I wanted to post about I Win/You Lose, a collaboration with Brilliant Colors (on Slumberland Records) - but as I havent received the 7" yet, Ill refer back to their May release, You Should Know By Now (Tough Love Records). The six song EP showcases the band's twangy head-swaying shimmering pop, infused with 60s doo wop sped up incrementally over time, slight Ennio Morricone instrumentation, droll vocals and the same devil-may-care DIY attitude that fuels other UK acts like Male Bonding. Its short, sharp, a little rough at the edges, and helps to highlight why they have caught the attention of the likes of Captured Tracks and Slumberland.
And so that I can highlight how great the cover is - its here again!!

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