Wednesday 22 December 2010

Waskerley Way Has Energy To Burn

Mikey B, the man behind Waskerley Way, has been a busy boy, with last week's release of Energy Legs being his 3rd EP launch this year alone (we covered last release Holly here). This is not a matter of diminishing returns either - this 5 track album has room to grow on you after repeated listens. 'Gateau' has the underwater dreaminess that Spongebob Squarepants could connect with if it were he instead of his creators that were smoking copious amounts of weed, whilst the slightly subcontinental whirr of 'Supercat' is infectious. What is great about Waskerley Way is his ability to combine lo fi glitches with wider and weirder realms to create something that, if not overtly original, is nonetheless impressive. Euro disco via laptop? Im there. Whats more, Energy Legs is just another chapter in the growing nature of this talented lad's progression - expect 2011 to provide even greater things from Mister B.

You can buy Energy Legs for change here.

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