Monday 20 December 2010

A Mai Tai For the Conquering Hordes

The folks over at Twin Lakes Records slung me a demo copy of this LP, MYTY KONKEROR's I Miss The Future - and its already high up on my must haves for 2011. It is out now, but the limited first pressing (in Clear vinyl!) is all but sold out, and a white vinyl version is coming out in January, thus making this a 2010 release - and it is stellar, even Impose Magazine thinks so. The album undulates from rolling psych rock (''sus Envy') to shoegaze ('Whitewash') effortlessly, embodying both styles with aplomb. In fact, when I first heard 'Cell Division' I had to check - and double check - that I hadnt put the wrong album on. Its stylish, melodic, but above all LOUD. With what is on show here, I feel that there is room to grow and expand also, which is an amazing thing to be able to say about a band clearly marking its territory. (Love the cover art too...)

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