Wednesday 22 December 2010

He's Not (Not) a Sex Worker

I know some bands try to come up with names that don't go down well with Google, but Sex Worker really does push it.

Sex Worker is Daniel Martin-McCormick of Mi Ami fame slinging out his own personal twisted trancefloor project, pushing new directions in distorted, echo and noise drenched, dark disco. Sex Worker dropped a new LP, Waving Goodbye, out on NNF, a few months back and its a sharp move on from the echo flooded screaming landscapes that made up last years LP The Labour of Love. Waving Goodbye flexes a different, slicker, electro aesthetic, twisted together with experimental soundscapes of playful noise and distortion, each of the five tracks taking a different journey into unexplored territory. This is the kind of LP that takes the familiar - it even featuring a cover of The Rhythm Of The Night - and twists it in ways that even the most experimental music devotee will find surprising. You may be thinking that noise and disco are unlikely bedfellows but the offspring could only come from Sex Worker.

Unfortunately Not Not Fun has sold out of the 12" of Waving Goodbye, but I'm sure there must be copies out there somewhere, its worth tracking down. Taste below.

Sex Worker - Tough Love


  1. Hey! Whilst Im still not sure about this one - I found a copy of it at the record store here in Brisbane! So there are copies around, just in obscure places...

  2. This is closer to what Mi Ami is doing with 'Dolphins' too. The way of the future???