Monday 6 December 2010

Not Not Robedoor's Pacific Drift

When I mentioned to Brendan that I was planning a set of posts on the mighty west coast Not Not Fun Records Brendan mentioned that he was gagging to post again about Robedoor, but I begged him to hold off and let me take the post for Robedoor's last 7" Pacific Drift, and its taken me this long to commit to the task, shame on me.

Now on Robedoor's previous releases (last year's Raiders LP springs to mind) I've always had the impression that Los Angeles' Robedoor are a band in no hurry at all, a band that take their time over their dark noise craft, both musically and the quantity of their output. In some ways Pacific Drift, the title track from the three track 7", sums this ethos up beautifully. The track grows, like a stain on soft paper, creeping across a distant landscape until it covers everything, right to the edges, and then just stops. The second track 'Exploited' certainly takes on a more urgent vibe, tribal rhythms driving it forward, but its a distant urgency, like noise floating over a horizon or a dying party through muffled walls. The third slice on this excellent 7" 'Blanked Out' winds the whole show down, seeping away from you. In whole this 7" leaves you feeling like you've just heard the opening tracks from a disturbingly good album - I need to hear the rest of this fictitious album. Buy here.

Robedoor - Pacific Drift

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