Monday 20 December 2010

Happy, Heady, Heavy Times Ahead

Heavy Times, Chicago's dirty fuzz pop dynamos, have just brought out this 7" via HoZaC Records, and No Plans/Ice Age is the perfect bite-size introduction. In fact, its a little too tasty - after myriad listens, I even feel cheated that there isnt more here. The two tracks perfectly encapsulate the inherent breeziness and nonchalance that underlies Heavy Times' grimy garage pop, and why HoZaC picked them up to help release them. Having been together and recording out of their bedrooms since 2005, Heavy Times have honed the rusty sonics by highlighting an aspect that is oiften overlooked by their contemporaries - songwriting. There is more than just buzzsaw fuzz wails here, and its this that makes No Plans/Ice Age a strong sample of some heady heavy times to come.

Grab the Heavy Times 7" here.

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