Monday 6 December 2010

Prism Eyes - Spending the Parisian Weekend With Reading Rainbow

Its a week since I spent the weekend loitering around Paris, yet Im still uber excited about it, highlighted no less by the albums that I listened to whilst there. Whilst Jesu was a perfect mix for traipsing around the Cemeterie du Plaise, and Merchandise rocked the Jewish Quarter, Reading Rainbow's much awaited Prism Eyes helped to penetrate the cold and gloom, brightening the cobblestoned streets into simplistic, ultraviolet primary colours (although that could have been the hallucinogenic aftereffects of gorging on orgasmic wheels of French soft cheese...)

Reading Rainbow (we posted about their awesome CD-R Songs To Sing To here) have branched out to a somewhat higher level here, enhanced no end by their allegiance to rad label HoZaC (who have also just put out an gritty little 7" by Heavy Times, which you'll hear about soon enough), and although some of Prism Eyes echoes some of my sentiments about the lo-fi machinations of the myriad contenders for scuzzy pop bands of the year ('I See Light', a great track, still sounds like Grass Widow or any of that ilk), their edge is in just how sunny they are. I cant help but feel giddy when hearing these head-wobbling harmonies in tracks like 'Let's Dream Tonight' and 'Must Be Dreaming', or the heady paces of early favourite 'Underground'. This sense of fun elevates other elements that might otherwise have been seen as aping other likeminded bands (Vivian Girls in 'Wasting Time', for example). All I can say is that since getting this album, its been on pretty much nonstop, and that is as good a seal of approval as any.

No if you'll excuse me, Im going to eat myself a wheel of gooey St Augustin and trip off the (Reading) rainbow...

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