Sunday 12 December 2010

Fuck Velcro, I Want Me Some White Laces

Michael Powell over at Crash Avenue alerted me to Richmond, Virginia's White Laces, who are prepping the release of their debut self-titled EP next month via Whole Ghost/Shdwply. Americans have been a part of the current shoegaze zeitgeist for a while now, and White Laces prove that its possible to emulate the likes of Swervedriver in the heart of Virginia, with the likes of 'Motorik Twilight' and 'Sick of Summer' marrying both dreamy waves of scuzz with disarming melody. In fact, 'Sick of Summer' reminds me of oft-underrated Aussie act Bluebottle Kiss at their most dissonant yet fragile and heartbreaking - which is a good thing. 'Honeywood' shows a little more play within the formula, which doesnt entirely work but is still entertaining. And that is the main thing you get from White Laces - a strong, vibrant shoegaze act that are still finding their feet. Cant wait to see what they give us next...

White Laces - Motorik Twilight
White Laces - Sick of Summer

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