Monday 13 December 2010

Best Travel Spots for Pontiak

Those psychedelic wanderers from Virginia Pontiak have provided two of the best gigs of the year for me - their head to head psych-off with White Hills at the Luminaire last March, and their incendiary stand-alone show at the Old Blue Last in October (both of which we reviewed! Read here and here...). The Carney brothers are great guys, cruising along to their own tune, so I asked the guys if they'd like to provide a list for the end of 2010, which has seen them also release the ambitious Living LP on Thrill Jockey. As we've seen from past contributors, Pontiak didnt want to offer straight album releases or anything in that vein, instead focusing on parts of the world that we all should vie to visit in the New Year...

We don't have a list of our favorite albums, foods, books, movies etc ... I read too much and listen to too much and frankly never think about the ten best this or that. But we love to travel and over the last ten years, we have been to some really incredible places, eaten a lot of really great food, seen some really cool things and met all sorts of amazing people. Those travels have definitely affected our music and our way of looking at the world, and since we are now done with 2010 we thought it would be cool to send you a list of each of our favorite places we have seen/been.
So ...
Lain -

2.Hampi, India
3.Southern Pacific Coast, Mexico
4.Crater Lake, Oregon.

Van -

1. Petra, Ma'an Governate Jordan
2. Angel Falls, Venezuela
3. Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
4. Tindouf, Algeria
5. St. Brelade, Jersey

Jennings -

1. Sicily
2. Israel
3. Kathmandu, Nepal / Khumbu Region (Mt. Everest Park)
4. Baja, California

Buy any of Pontiak's stellar releases here, and you can be sure to hear more of these guys in the New Year!

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