Tuesday 7 December 2010

2010's Best EPs...by David of Art Is Hard Records

Next up on our guest contributors for our best of 2010 is David , one half of the creative minds behind Art Is Hard Records, a new DIY label in the south-west of England doing its darnedest to showcase the best that the region has to offer. Art Is Hard was started by David and a friend who are influenced by the attitude and ethics of labels such as Factory, Wichita, Anticon and Dischord. They put out as their first release a compilation Brink Of The Clouds that brought attention to the likes of Colours, Dutch Husbands and Cycle Schmiechel, combined with an innovative T-shirt promotion - check out our thoughts and some of the tracks here.

"When Sonic Masala asked me to contribute a list to their end of year feature, I set to task with constructing some method of appearing witty and well educated in this year's releases. Unfortunately I am neither, so here is a list of my EP's of the year. "

1. Factory Floor - Untitled (Blast First Petite)

2. Hot Club De Paris - With Days Like This.../ The Rise and Inevitable fall... (Moshi Moshi)

3. Johnny Foreigner - You Thought You Saw.... (Alcopop)

4. Cerebral Ballzy - Live in Toronto (Tape Alarm)

5. Islet - Celebrate This Place (Turnstile)

6. Gold Panda - You (No Town)

7. Yu(c)k - Weakend (Mirror Universe Tapes)

8. Tall Ships - There Is Nothing but Chemistry Here (Big Scary Monsters)

9. Tubelord - Tezcatlipoca (Hassle Records)

10. Spectrals - Extended Play (Moshi Moshi)

See below for a taste of a few of these EPs, and also another taste of Art Is Hard's last release, the 7" split between New Years Evil and The Black Tambourines, here (not Black Tamborine - yes, they are flirting with libel there...)

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