Friday 17 December 2010

Jacuzzi Boys/Nobunny

I havent really harped on about how much I dig Nobunny's First Blood. It is goddamned catchy, fun, stupid, and idiot savant style brilliant. I definitely havent spoken much about Jacuzzi Boys' No Season from last year. Both are unadulterated joys of garage punk fun, and really need more of you to buy these pieces of vinyl and wear out your needle on them.

Don't believe me?

Good, cos these two acts have made an unholy alliance in this 7" split brought to us by Scion A/V Records' brilliant Garage collection (which also features the likes of Black Lips, Pierced Arrows (ex-Dead Moon), the Spits and The Dirtbombs). 'Someone Else's Brain' has the Fluffy One in acoustic mode, yet still with his skewed adolescent musings intact, whilst Jacuzzi Boys continue their guttural dominance with 'Coral Girls', a sweaty number that swaggers its way from the Florida swamps to your joyous ear. Great stuff, just to remind you how great they are.

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