Wednesday 3 November 2010

Pocahaunted keep on haunting

Grief can be a debilitating affliction especially when it comes to getting posts up in a timely manner. I'm of course talking about the passing of my favorite Los Angeles, psych, trance, drone, dub mistresses Pocahaunted. The fact that it has taken me til now to comment on their winding up back in August shows how gutted I was to hear the news - the fact its taken til now to mention Pocahaunted's parting gifts, live L.P Live From The New Age and 7" single Threshold, that dropped either end of September respectfully, is just plain rubbish. But anyway both of Pocahaunted's last outings of the duo's four year history are out now on Not Not Fun, although the label has sold out of the 7". I'm sure we'll be seeing reincarnations soon though, be it in the guise of LA Vampires, Vibes, or the future releases of Not Not Fun - I'm sure Amanda, Bethany and Pocahaunted will live on somehow. Taste and vid for 'All Of Is Of', taken from this year's L.P Make It Real, below...

Pocahaunted - Threshold

Pocahaunted - All Of Is Of from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

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