Friday 26 November 2010

Brothers From Many Musical Mothers...

I dont think Ive come across a more apt band moniker. The duo Bastard Lovechild Of Rock n Roll sound like a mix between The Black Keys, Jack White, The Black Angels, a more bossa nova TV On The Radio, Games, Death From Above 1979, Muse... Im telling you, the term 'mishmash' was invented for this Florida concoction. If there was such a genre as psychedelic disco blues grunge, then BLORR (members' names are Cookie Sugarhips and Hot Damn Sweet Huckleberry Winn) would be the lynchpin. Bim Bom is their first release, and its kaleidoscopic swirls that litter this EP are something to behold - even if it takes a few listens, because it often feels like you have been listening to your playlist on shuffle. Above all, this EP gives the notion that these guys would destroy live - if only they could find a common thread to tie all their wild ideas together...

Bastard Lovechild Of Rock n Roll - Boy You Need Jesus

Bastard Lovechild Of Rock n Roll - Seven Sisters

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