Thursday 4 November 2010

Welcome To Sky Valley...Again...

Here we are another reunion what the fuck moment. With every band under the sun travelling down the reformation to pay the bills and drug habit route, it was a matter of time before gods of desert stoner rock Kyuss decided to reform. Im not sure what to think - ok, Ill drop the pretense - IM MORE THAN A LITTLE FUCKING EXCITED!! Founding members John Garcia, Nick Olivieri and Brant Bjork are back, and are bring their mammoth back catalogue to the UK in March/April next year! Under the moniker Kyuss Lives, they will be visiting then suitably destroying Nottingham, London, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Bristol.

Hmmm - no Josh Homme? He is a guitar wizard and really drove the later tracks of Kyuss forward - but why am I a smidge glad he hasnt attached his name as of yet? Maybe I have reached my limit with him for the moment - hello Jack White? Yes, they do some amazing stuff, but its been a bit on the decline in my opinion, and they are on the verge of disappearing up their own backsides if they dont just shut up and play. OK, rant over - excitement overdrive ramps up again!


  1. nick was not a founding member

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  2. Anonymous12/2/11 02:08

    Settle petal. He was a driving force nonetheless.

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