Friday 12 November 2010

Can You Have Enough Drummers?

Drummers arent a circlework masterclass of our favourite drummers, but in fact a post-hardcore act out of Boston. Boasting members from Pretty & Nice, which is essentially a indie pop band that bears some resemblance to bands like Why? or The Unicorns, with the occasional eerie Gaz from Supergrass channel - pretty rad then - Drummers indulges their harder edges, also honing their technical proficiencies whilst sampling new boundaries and how far they can be cast aside. What is quite amazing about Drummers isnt that they are good - for they are indeed a great act - but that they are unsigned, or that their self-titled album is unreleased! Even more crazy is that it is for y'all to get your mitts on and make your own assumptions! Head over to their website and get downloadin. What do we think of it? Its not groundbreaking, but its serrated edges are buffed with melodics true emotive shouts that dont seem derivative or that are often mislaid in other like-minded acts - making the fact that these songs remain unreleased one hell of a waste. Do yourself a favour and get some Drummers action going...

Drummers - Oceans

Drummers - "Planes" from Bobby Landry on Vimeo.

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