Friday 19 November 2010

No Absence Of Colours Here

OK, so I posted a slightly sour review of Crash Avenue exports The Sunshine Factory - they are a good band, ok? Just weren't as strong on their release Sugar as I was hoping. Nevertheless, going back to an earlier band that Crash Avenue have been pushing, Chicago's Secret Colours put out a two song EP In The Absence a couple of weeks ago - and here you can see the Black Angels similarities - the occasional Eastern influences billowing out from behind a black curtain of languid psychedelia. 'In The Absence' is a 'in a nutshell' snapshot of what Secret Colours are all about - Beatles adulation of the Revolver era Eastern inflections and woozy pop, with touches of southern USA dirty psych squall thrown in the mix. B-side 'Carry My Soul' embraces the former more wholeheartedly, an acoustic number that warms the cockles.
Secret Colours - In The Absence


  1. No worries we like you keeping it real! If you didn't how could we trust you when you really get blown away by something we do in the future. Thanks for the Review, The Sunshine Factory

  2. Cheers guys! Im definitely interested in all you do in the future, and look forward to that mindblowing experience!