Wednesday 24 November 2010

Entire Cities Hope You Never Come Home

So, after Noxious Foxes usurped my concentration, its back onto these guys - Entire Cities.

You know that we love our noise and our rock here. But rock and noise comes in many shapes and forms, and sometimes you just want to take a different tack, y'know? Besides, a true music fan should be able to appreciate things in most corners of the music world, even if the boundaries of your musical loves are quite explicitly defined.

On Easy Tiger Records, who also house the band Wildlife that we fell in love with here, Entire Cities' new LP I Hope You Never Come Home (out December 7) is a rambling folk rock record aiming for those epic climes that only large, composed, ambitious collectives can strive to reach - and in the most part succeeds. The sound is large due to both the various layers of the band's sound - due to their seven members (Canadians and their sprawling ensembles...) and juggling act of instrumentation (guitar/bass/drums/flute/saxophone/banjo/organ/harmonica/layered harmonies) - and the glossy production values, handled expertly by Harris Newman (Arcade Fire) and Heather Kirby. The beauty in many of these tracks are the sometime haunting, sometime jocular lyrics of frontman Simon Borer, ably backed by Ruhee Dewji and Tamara Lindeman, and the lingering notion that these songs, when played in a beautiful, slightly dingy pub setting (or even a Bush Hall like locale) will soar and teeter on the edge of rickety implosion in equal measures. Its the kind of roaucous country folk that will have its lyrical hooks in you whilst you also tap your feet.

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