Thursday 18 November 2010

Running away from...

Recently I've seemed to have become Johnny On The Spot when the shit has hit the fan at work, hence the lack of posts on my part. But other than seriously curtailing the blog output and burning the midnight oil, stuck at your desk at work until your eyes feel like they're bleeding out of your head has its upsides - no honest it does. Extended overtime needs a good soundtrack to help you survive, something to channel the rage and resentment that builds towards the uncaring client in question. So thank fuck I've had Running's new, self titled 12" EP this past week to turn the midnight oil into a raging inferno.

Running's new self titled EP/tape release, out on Chicago's finest Permanent Records, is an expanse of the most twisted psych/punk trash you'll ever hear. This, Running's third release after a couple of tape only adventures, also on Permanent, is a mind melting plunge into an abrasive feedback-laden beast of an EP. At thirteen tracks you might be forgiven for thinking this is really an LP, but Running don't do 'forgiving'. Running's tracks live up to the band's name, most clocking in at the sub two minute mark, its certainly over before your poor brain knows whats going on, falling into a chasm of reverb and pummeling noise, hitting every rock and cliff edge on the way down.

But what really makes this 12" a bit special, and a perfect fit for an over-worked, angst-ridden designer, is the quality of the artwork production, in fact the promo vid above is the hand printing of said sleeve set to track '#1 Dad'. Plus the band don't even have a myspace. Hardcore with an arty side, you better believe it. Buy here and taste below.

Running - #1 Dad
Running - Little Fucker

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