Saturday 6 November 2010

Black And White Pictures Shot At Night, Sung By A Deep Voice

We received an email from Laurent, a Parisian musician better known as Burzinski, about his new EP Ghostly Female Faces.

This 5 tracks EP is an intriguing listen. Laurent's low croon of a voice lends an otherworldly, yet world-weary nuance to the gothic romanticism on display. He has taken as reference points bands such as Joy Division and early Cure, The Tindersticks, Arab Strap and Sparklehorse. Very apt. Furthermore, you can almost see Laurent in a nearly empty 1950s diner at the twighlight hour, smoking at the counter, ashing onto the saucer of his now cold black coffee... Sparse yet affecting. And this post's title is the succint explanation by the man himself on what this EP has in store...

Ghostly Female Faces is out November 15.

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