Thursday 7 July 2011

Zorch Unbelievable...

Those effervescent crazy hepcats from Austin, Texas - Zorch - have some new tunes in the form of their Cosmic Gloss/E.M.F. handmade cassette EP (via Insect Records). Its all cut-up sonic devilry, sonic confectionery mainlined into your eardrums, designed for dancing and diabetes. You can preorder the cassette here - quick, there's only 100 copies! (You can also get it straight from the horse's!)

But that's not all in the crazy world of Zorch. They have developed a new website for their incessant aural doodlings to reside on, In the near future they are planning to release their cover of Prince's The Black Album, plus there is a Spice Girls - that's right, SPICE GIRLS - cover project in the works.

Holy fucking shit, right?!?!

They are ALSO doing a West Coast US tour. On Saturday they played in Los Angeles with SM approved Peter Pants!, plus played with the excellent Clipd Beaks on Sunday in Oakland. Tonight they hit Portland, Oregon, playing alongside the uber cool White Hinterland, and the summer tour continues right through to September, where they will join the likes of Doldrums and DD/MM/YYYY, amongst many others! The Zorch is held aloft in love...

Zorch - E.M.F.

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