Monday 18 July 2011

Human Eye In The Sky

Sacred Bones have been at the zenith of labels that in the past two years create a oft deserved fervour for every release they produce. Alongside labels such as Thrill Jockey, In The Red and Hydra Head, SB are passionate about their music, creating beautifully packaged physical copies (all with a common format so that it is like collecting an entire collection, rather than buying disparate albums) whilst also refusing to break the budget.

The latest release to grace my presence from the Sacred Bones stable is from Detroit's Human Eye, whose split single with Sex Beet we thoroughly enjoyed. They Came From The Sky continues the warped, loud as hell fuzzfest that they alluded to there, but with more volume, zaniness and, bizarrely, more accessible. This loud, Comets On Fire-esque proto-punk with sci-fi allusions works really well here - an aural equivalent of a 50s B-movie double bill at the local drive in. At times utterly insane, it is this balls to the wall, devil may care attitude to the tropes of punk that make this album all the more exciting. And despite the lyrics erring on the side of absurdity, Human Eye prove that you can lead the old punk horse to water, lace it with stupidly addictive hallucinogenics and make the fucker drink it.

You can get They Came From The Sky here - but be warned, it will fry your brain.

Human Eye - Junkyard Heart
Human Eye - They Came From The Sky

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