Thursday 14 July 2011

Papal Nods At Gnod

Ah, Gnod. Ive been espousing the dark temptations that these UK drone psych rockers offer for a while now, and here they are again, giving us decidedly fucked up shit on Ingnodwetrust (through Rocket Recordings). A perfect way to round out our Thursday of incredibly warped musak, Ingnodwetrust (great album title, by the way!) is as volatile, warped and incendiary as anything else that has come to pass from their LSD-addled loins. The weird thing about this two track behemoth (yep, I say that phrase again - Expo 70 doesnt have a monopoly over it!) is how clear the production it is, and how fucked up it insists on still sounding. There is so much skewed effects and samples melted into the soundscapes here that it arrests any train of thought and forcibly wrestles you into their own world, one where pleasure and pain are indistinguishable. There is some decidedly Italo disco darkwave meanderings laced in this release, which tells you how far out we are treading here. And the papal imagery reminds me of Ken Russell's The Devils in its blatant controversial and yet flippant adherence. I will admit that many of you will abhor Gnod and their kind. Fair dues too. However, if you are just a smidge adventurous and dip the toe in the murky, oily waters. Don't expect to come back from this trip - or to even want to.

Pick up Ingnodwetrust (as well as a plethora of other spaced out releases, including the stellar Gnod split with White Hills!) here.

Gnod -Tony's First Communion

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