Friday 29 July 2011

The Dirty Nil Fuck Things Up Good!

The Dirty Nil are a trio of degenerate Canadians who have just released their first 7” vinyl single called Fuckin’ Up Young. Apparently they like "fuzz, pizza, vinyl, bad habits, beer, power chords, stompin' tom, feedback, fuzz, anything with big knobs and blinking lights, dogs (fuck cats/fuzz cats), coffee, haters, beer, fuzz bass, the replacements, not remembering the night before, Quentin Tarantino, tube amps, waffles, analog, swearing, distorted anything, Willie Nelson, bacon, soda pop, french fries, and noise." This explains a helluva lot, as 'Fuckin Up Young' is hedonistic, simplistic, anachronistic, ballistic and a whole lot more -ics. Its just an infectious tune, and the perfect way to bring on the weekend!

The 7" is available here.

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