Wednesday 13 July 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - DZ Deathrays, S.C.U.M., That Ghost, A Scribe Amongst The Lions

Its been a while since we laid some flicks on yer peepers, so get some of this inna ya! (NB - not sure where all this language is coming from - maybe its all this chips and tomato sauce that Im devouring, washed down with double espressos...)

First up we have Brisbane lads DZ Deathrays, who are really moving and shaking the UK at the moment. This is a vid for their track 'Rad Solar' - the DFA79 influences are dialled down a notch, but it is still pretty killer...

DZ DEATHRAYS - Rad Solar from DZ DEATHRAYS on Vimeo.

S.C.U.M. are also making a sonic splash in Europe and further afield, and 'Amber Hands' is likely to continue the post-punk juggernaut's assault on the collective senses.

This is a beautifully shot video for latest song by solo artist That Ghost, 'Won't I Sleep'. Dark and disturbing, true, but beautiful...

Finally we have San Diego psych band A Scribe Amongst The Lions, that sent me this interesting vid for their track 'Hot Chameleon'. I like a bit of new stuff with arresting visuals, and this fits the bill...


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