Friday 8 July 2011

Friday Cover Up - New Town Is Not Cool (It Is Really...)

Its been a while since we've heard anything new from ace London trio Not Cool, but yesterday I received this. They have released a 15 song free download of all their early singles, splits, b-sides etc etc cunningly entitled 7 Inches, Splits, B-Sides and Bullshit, which includes 'Wonderful Beasts' and all sorts. Here's the tracklist...

1. Limbs are For Liars – IBB/Paradise Vendors 12” Split
2. Desks – Unreleased
3. Sneaks – Unreleased
4. Flags of Various Nations – Unreleased
5. Dead Kid City (original version) – Unreleased
6. Wonderful Beasts – 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
7. The Bell Curve - 7” B-Side Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
8. Um, You Didn’t Do That in Soundcheck - 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
9. Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (Minutemen Cover)
10. Flux=Rad (Pavement Cover)
11. Man Up – Unreleased
12. Certainly The End of Something or Other – Unreleased
13. Hideous Men (Live from Sao Paulo, Brazil)
14. New Town (Life Without Buildings Cover)
15. Way South, South East – Marshall Teller 7” Split with Dignan Porch, Cheatahs and Colours

You can grab this here - arent they just the best?!?

As you can see, they boys gave me many chances for a Friday Cover Up. But I just had to chose their cover of Scottish arty types Life Without Buildings. Why? Because 'New Town' is one of the best songs ever bloody written, that's why? This song is such a favourite that it closed out our hour long playlist on Breakthru Radio last year. So this is HUUUUUUGE! Note: NO ONE other than Life Without Buildings can do this song. Not Cool, though, do a bloody fine job. Trust me - Ive just made your Friday complete.

Not Cool - New Town (Life Without Buildings cover)
Life Without Buildings - New Town

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