Thursday 21 July 2011

No Slumbering On Brilliant Colors

San Francisco’s Brilliant Colors have been doing their thing, stuck in the middle of the sun drenched girl-fronted garage bands that harken back to the 60s. With the amount of bands plumbing the depths of this sound in the past few years, and especially seeing this year has had some take it to new heights, it could be easy to pass them by. Their debut Introducing was OK without being great, yet its in the smaller format that they have made more of a statement, especially with their split release alongside Belfast's brilliant Girls Names.

Now Brilliant Colors hit the studio again to create Again And Again. Ill be frank - I havent been hanging out for it. I do give most releases on Slumberland Records a look in though, so I will do the same here. And whilst 'Value Lines' doesnt blow me away, it is effective at what it does, so that's a win. Ive heard favourable things, and the love that I feel for the likes of Cults, Puro Instinct and Tennis (there are a few more here that have raised the bar considerably too) may wash over to this one. We'll wait and see...

Brilliant Colors - Value Lines

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