Thursday 28 July 2011

SCUM Splits And Multiplies...

There really is no stopping 'Amber Hands', is there? The track by London upstarts S.C.U.M. has been remixed to the shithouse, but that hasn't stopped a couple more rearing their heads. Luckily for everyone, the people responsibile for this decadence are none other than New York psych electronica duo Silver Apples and uber producer/ex Spaceman 3/Spectrum dude Sonic Boom. They're pretty great - but seriously, let's get some new blood hey? The album is coming out soon (via Mute Records) - let's hear a new cut! (That's me pleading, not actually showcasing a new song...sorry.) Or you can see them at ATP's Ill Be Your Mirror... Or Field Day... Or whatever.

S.C.U.M - Amber Hands (Silver Apples Remix) by Mute UK

S.C.U.M - Amber Hands (Sonic Boom Remix) by Mute UK

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