Monday 18 July 2011

Fidlar In The Drink

“Fuck it dog, life’s a risk” – the full extended name (and inevitable mantra) of one of the sloppiest bands to come out of LA this year, FIDLAR. Its garage punk rock that revels in drinking, skating, surfing, and all other fun things one can do without actually getting caught up in the real world. This DIYDUI 7" just makes me wanna drop all preconceptions and drop out of life - kinda what Ive done the past twelve months, really, just with a truckload more pot, and beer bongs. I really love this - and trust me, you will too. They played a show recently with Bleached and Crystal Antlers, so they will be surfing their way into a shithole venue near you soon, espousing their slacker wisdoms - be sure to join in.

You can buy DIYDUI here on the White Iris store - it's well worth it, and it's only a fiver!

FIDLAR - Max Can't Surf

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