Friday 22 July 2011


Hailing from Kentucky, Quailbones have just released You Stay Out Of My Family, You Stay Out Of My Face, a six song EP that runs the gamut of rock persuasions and fidelity. I was going to talk about 'Everybody Do The Doomwagon', the unofficial single, but instead I continually gravitate towards 'A Tip To Trick The Tide'. Its pretty killer, and is one of my favourite tracks of the month. Check it out - if you like what you hear, you can download the EP here, or you can get cassettes if you ask the band reeeeeeeeeeeeealy nicely...

Quailbones - A Tip To Trick The Tide


  1. John Christie23/7/11 22:54

    Really really Absolutely phenomenal. Something good can come outta kentucky after all.

  2. Anonymous7/8/11 08:51

    Pretty sure these guys eat alot of custard. They should call themselves custard rim.

  3. I's sorry, but not really. This band sucks.

  4. Anonymous25/4/13 19:58

    Great, noisy punk fun. I especially like "Everybody Do the Doomwagon."