Wednesday 20 July 2011

Wiping Out In The Jungles Of Texas

Jungle Bodies are Andres and Zeb based in Texas - Weslaco, to be exact. And according to them, they’re loud and have fun. I haven't met em, so I cant speak for them personally, but if their Wipeout EP is any indication, they speak the hard cold ones. The title gives a clear indication of what to expect - surf-rock tinged noise pop. These kids may be landlocked, but that doesn't stop the music from transporting the beach to them - they couldn't get more Californian if they tried. Instrumental opener 'Pansy' is fantastic, and the hits roll on from there. Especially love 'Riff Raff' - this sucker gets me jumping around like it's no one's business. They recently played with the Strange Boys, and apparently they more than held their own - either way, Im hooked.

Get Wipeout for free here!

Jungle Bodies - Riff Raff
Jungle Bodies - Wipeout

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