Friday 22 July 2011

Over the Tennis Courts And Far Away...

I resisted Tennis for so long. As you may have picked up over the inception of Sonic Masala, or even yesterday's Brilliant Colors post, the glut of bands that share this similar sound have jaded me somewhat - well, certain bands amongst the ranks (it's becoming a low blow to mention Dum Dum Girls, isnt it?). And the deliberate 80s yacht rock stylings of the duo and the cover art of Cape Dory (out earlier this year on Fat Possum) had me on my guard from the get go. Yet I needn't have worried - these guys have somehow condensed the woozy doo-wop summer warmth guitar pop formula into a winsome elixir of youth. The best part? There is little if any filler, which most bands of their ilk have found hard to avoid. New single off the album 'Take Me Somewhere' is a perfect case in point. (NB - yes, this has been around since November, but this is the OFFICIAL RELEASE, so there).

In support of Cape Dory, Tennis will also be embarking on a UK and European tour encompassing London’s Cargo. You lucky gits...

Tennis - Take Me Somewhere
Tennis - Is It True

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