Wednesday 6 July 2011

Ghost In The TV

I can't really claim that either of these albums are new (well, one kinda is), or that I discovered them on my lonesome - Si pointed me in the direction - but goddamn if I haven't embraced the buzzsaw tenacity and grimy dirge of Lafayette, Indiana's TV Ghost. Their two main releases - 2009's Cold Fish and Mass Dream from this year, both through In The Red - uphold a series of ace underground reference points - The Monks, Drive Like Jehu, Jesus Lizard - and churns them out in a druggy, dark as fuck aesthetic that is equal parts terrifying and revitalising. It echoes down the halls of your mind like an amphethamine riddled zombie, lurching forth in fits and bursts that defy characterisation. Ive been hooked on Mass Dream for a while, and just recently picked up Cold Fish at the local rekkid store, and have since been caught between the incessant rock force they propel forth, and the hard place that such music inevitably leads me to. See me gnash my teeth in the bowels of the fire - see me grin maniacally - this is the kind of roiling depravity that should be legal. (Well all of it should be, but this should be sold in fun-sized chunks at schools around the world). Fucking ace. Grab the albums here.

TV Ghost - The Recluse (off Cold Fish)
TV Ghost - The Inheritors (off Mass Dream)

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