Thursday 7 July 2011

Revel In The Brilliance Of Helms Alee's Weatherhead

I only discovered Helms Alee's 2008 album Night Terror last year, and I still rate it as an amazing album, full of ferocity and melody, a perfect Hydra Head record release. Well, their new album Weatherhead is hitting the stores, and from what Ive heard thus far its going to be more of the same brutal awesomeness. Though maybe not in the same way you would expect, as the Seattle trio serving up a bold and experimental epic, where they cracks time signatures in half, wade through indie harmonies and steer in bulldozers full of triumphant, psychedelic riffs (via Decibel Magazine). Still keeping the songs to a relative short running time, Weatherhead packs a myriad of punches from obscure, backwards angles, leaving you literally defenceless. This is the tracklisting:

1. * (0:39)
2. Elbow Grease (1:50)
3. 8/16 (4:55)
4. Music Box (3:35)
5. Pretty as Pie (4:36)
6. Anemone of the Wound (2:41)
7. Mad Mouth (5:24)
8. Epic Adventure Through the Wood (5:53)
9. Speed Sk8r (3:23)
10. Pig Pile (2:25)
11. Revel! (3:59)
12. Ripper No Lube (2:03)
13. Born in Fiberglass (3:39)
14. Weatherhead (3:04)

You can order Weatherhead here. They are also touring the US with two other heavy mad scientists in the form of Torche and Big Business - hit the band's website and get yourself to one of these shows, they will remold your mind whether you want it or not. Don't believe me? HEAD HERE TO BROOKLYN VEGAN TO STREAM THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!!!!!! Maybe you can tell me what this actually is? All I know is that its made my day, week, month, and possibly year.

HELMS ALEE - Elbow Grease by Hydra Head Records

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