Monday 18 June 2012

Tenzenmen Terrorists Take 1 (Brisbane Roars)

Shaun Tenzenmen keeps whipping out the releases, and here are two more to sink your teeth into - and they are both from Brisbane!

Little Shadow are offering what is their first release in Possessions, a six-tracker that welds melodicism, math-oriented compositions and some angular grit. Evoking the likes of Cursive and The Nation Blue in their penchant for honest storytelling (courtesy of To The North's Cam Gillard, dialling down the throat tearing for more melodic vocals) and brutal musicianship, Little Shadow are attempting to temper their hardcore edges to achieve something new. There is a lot of promise here.

Little Shadow - Balancing Act

A band that is NOT tempering anything is IDYLLS. A co-operative split label release with their own Monolith Records and tenzenmen, Farewell All Joy intensities in ten cities, man! 20 minutes of bristling fury. These guys are monster musicians too, so to hear such vitriol and despair rip through the ether into you headspace is incredibly confronting - and exciting.

IDYLLS - Funerals In Queensland
IDYLLS - Bombs Reign Youthless

Both bands have great shows lined up. IDYLLS will be launching Farewell All Joy this Friday night at Fat Louies alongside Marathon, Jurassic Penguin (NZ), Capeweather and Wallow, followed by a support slot to Nikko at the Waiting Room Saturday June 23. Little Shadow will be supporting Closure In Moscow on Thursday 28th June at X & Y.

Grab both albums here.

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