Monday 11 June 2012

Hardcore Girls = Night Of Joy

The cool cats over at Hot Congress Records have recently put out the debut album for Colorado spazzniks Night of Joy, Hardcore Girls Are A Hoax. It's a frenetic listen, cramming twelve tracks, with names like 'Cool Runnings', 'Marge Simpson' and 'John Candy', in under 25 minutes. The trio sound a bit like the spastic energy of Deerhoof and lo-fi punk whimsy of Trash Kit if harnessed by a bunch of gutter punks headed by a safety-pin-riddled Lydia Lunch. What? Really, Valerie Franz's vocals has the right balance of grit and gravel, whilst the band pendulums between angsty about-turns and weightless whimsy. Bree Davies' bass is so awesomely chunky, whilst Fez Garcia is electric behind the skins. Exciting album from an exciting band. Check em out now.

Night Of Joy - John Candy
Night Of Joy - Marge Simpson

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