Monday 18 June 2012

Video Vacuum - OFF!, Relations, Hugo Race, Die Antwoord

I'm finding it harder and hard to justify why I bother coming into work on a Monday, how about you? The unlimited download limit notwithstanding, there isn't much at the moment. I have holidays coming in sight though, so Ill suck it up - by watching some sweet music videos!

OFF! have just released this clip for 'Cracked', which promises to be the first in a triptych of videos with some sort of common theme or link. This one has a sign spinner losing his shit over another sign spinner's antics. He has a Walkman! So old school punk... It is quite funny too, and it's a great track.

100m Records (who put out the ace Soccer Mom EP last year) have just put out the new EP by NY synth-punk duo Relations, and here is the video for 'A Savage Way To Live'. It's certainly entrenched in subtle dissonance and shadows, and makes for an alluring listen.

The inimitable Hugo Race (The Bad Seeds, The Wreckery, Dirtmusic) has just released a solo album of covers called No But It's True, just another record to put in his massive oeuvre. He strips back a load of classics to their skeletal form, allowing the lyrics to shine through. Here he takes on the excellent Bruce Springsteen track 'I'm On Fire'. A dry rendition, this one...

Oh shit. I HAD to put this one up here. Those South African mentalists Die Antwoord are off the charts, a helluva lot of dumb, and they really make me laugh. I'm not sure if I like them or not, but I really like this video for their latest "song" 'Baby's On Fire'. It's crazy and a little bit NSFW - just sayin'.


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