Wednesday 20 June 2012

Tiny Spiders Deliver Killer Bite

Brisbane's very own grunge pop duo Tiny Spiders are the little band that could, and with their debut record on the cusp of breaching, they are ready to shove it down your throats. With love and smiles, of course. We've already heard 'Shadows' and 'Shoot The Rainbow Rays Out.' They are two great indicators of what Tiny Spiders offers. But there is so much that Cam and Innez want to give. Only three tracks breach the three minute mark, yet with they slink ('Midnight Movie') or roar ('Blurst') it's all done with verve and bluster, and more than a whiff of genius. As Cam once stated, "the shorter the better, that way people can't get bored." No chance of that, you modest arachnid!

It all goes digital this Saturday, (go bookmark this page and head back in a few days!) when the duo will blast a hole through Tym's Guitars' wall with a in-store that kicks off at 3pm. You can get your physical vinyl copies then - otherwise it's waiting idly til July. So you have been warned.

UPDATE - you can now buy the album digitally - click on the Bandcamp guff below. You can try before you buy, but you know that ain't necessary, sucka! Plus, you can now pre-order the vinyl along with a T-shirt for an extra fiver - what could go wrong? Nothing, that's what.

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