Monday 18 June 2012

Loving The Strange Holiday With White Hex

Jimi Kritzler of Slug Guts fame took off to Berlin not too long ago with Tara Green and whilst getting up to all manner of things they experimented with their own sound, coming up with the "tropical goth" of White Hex. It's got a diamond-edge twinkle on the fringes of downer dirge, courtesy of Green's ragged, depressed vocal delivery. The beauty of White Hex is that it takes much of the smack country drone from Slug Guts and imbues a few extra shades of grey. Those excellent dudes over at AVANT! Records are releasing White Hex's 12" Heat on Wednesday, and I for one cannot wait.

And here is the video for another track of the 12", 'Holiday'.

WHITE HEX - Holiday from PɨK on Vimeo.

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