Wednesday 20 June 2012

Don't Go Search Engining Flesh Lights On A Whim...

This is a short post about a record you all need, just so's you can be blissfully unaware how many strangers you are pissing off as you listen to it. Its effectively a 2011 release, but I'm really digging Texan garage punks Flesh Lights' Muscle Pop (great title). These kids are all about movement - namely, tearing your shirt off and sweating profusely as you pump into every human being within a ten metre radius. Should be fun with peak hour public transport. Think The Oblivians with maybe a little less brain cells and a bit more swinging between the knees. It's bloody great.

Grab Muscle Pop (through Twistworthy Records) here.

Flesh Lights - I'm A Monk
Flesh Lights - I Am Romance
Flesh Lights - Diane

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