Wednesday 13 June 2012

No Misunderstanding The Glow Kit

It's been a good week on Planet Masala for punk tainted, garage-tinged rock and/or roll, let me tell you! Ty Segall, The Hussy, The Harlequins, Each Other, Night Of Joy - and you can now add Denmark's own Glow Kit to the mix.You might remember me raving about Cola Freaks last year - well, Glow Kit has members from that collective, so you know we're in good hands. This self-titled LP (out through Danish label Kanel Records - you can grab it here) is packed full of short spikes of garage pop punk blasts, beer bongs for the ears. Hooks and melodies aplenty, yet deep fried in noise, these tracks sizzle. It's a fantastic album with huge injections of addictive substances - you won't be able to leave this album alone, even if you wanted to. Which you won't so it's all cool.

You can grab Glow Kit from German label P. Trash Records and from FDH Records in North America.

Glow Kit - Stood A Chance
Glow Kit - Head Factory
Glow Kit - Misunderstood

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