Thursday 28 June 2012

New Guardian Alien Via Thrill Jockey!!!

I really enjoyed Brooklyn psych droners Guardian Alien's self-titled LP on Swill Children Records (check out what I thought here). So it was very exciting news to hear that one of my fave all time labels Thrill Jockey had taken on these space cowboys who include Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy, one of the best drummers alive). Appears we don't have long to wait for a new release either. July 24 will see the launch of See The World Given To A One Love Entity, a 37 minute track that swirls in and around the most mainstream elements of the psych rock jam and stretches its contours until it is entirely unrecognisable yet inexplicably accessible as a result. It's these kind of experimental endeavours - wild and weird yet strangely listenable at an enjoyable level - that slay me, and this looks to be up there as one of the best warped rides of the year.

Pre-order now and you can get your vinyl in clear gold - I kid you not. Do it, now.

Guardian Alien - See The World Given To A One Love Entity (Part 1)


  1. Anonymous28/6/12 14:54

    that picture is of the band Starring

  2. Yeah sorry about that, all fixed now!