Monday 11 June 2012

Women Loving Each Other

I miss Women, the Calgary act whose two albums Women and Public Strain are two of my favourite albums of the past decade. They may be sadly no more, but there are others mining that seam, such as fellow Canadians Each Other. Their Taking Trips EP of last year (put out by Prison Art) is one I'm only now getting into, and how! Six songs of discordant, off kilter guitar noisy pop, a post-punk menagerie of jangly, experimental guitars and rusted, off-key melodies.

I believe the EPs are sold out - sucks, it's damned great, you can still get it digitally here - but they have since released a 7" through Crikey! Records (who have put out two 7"s for Happy New Year). Traces To Nowhere/Sit Still is slightly cleaner, slightly more straightforward, yet inimitably Each Other, like looking back in time through a hall of mirrors, a truly warped interpretation. i can't wait to see what they come up with next - they are potentially filling a Women-sized hole in my soul...

Grab the 7" here.

Each Other - Goosing Statues (from Taking Trips)
Each Other - Steam Scene (from Taking Trips)

Each Other - Sit Still (from Traces To Nowhere/Sit Still 7")

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