Sunday 17 June 2012

Chevalier Avant Garde Me Up!!!!!!

Four posts on a Sunday??? Must mean I'm supposed to be studying and marking! Ah well, whilst I'm just compounding my stress, you benefit, so all's well really! I actually started the day off with this, but though it might suit to finish the weekend on. The album Heterotopias by Montreal based Europhiles Chevalier Avant Garde probably isn't the kind of thing you see too often here on Sonic Masala, but I can assure you that when someone gets this retro-futurist pop shtick just so, I'm hooked like a sex addict. (I'm not actually a sex addict - honest...) I mean, you can imagine me dancing about to this whilst cooking breakfast, fag hanging out of my mouth, Bloody Mary in close proximity, right? I can even imagine me dancing to this in the Balkans with incredibly tall and beautiful women and incredibly scary men to my left and right. In fact I'm pretty sure this was playing in Belgrade when I went to a bunker party in 2009 (true story - more about that some other time mayhaps...) Anyway, it is LIKE a place you can imagine or have been to (hence my breakfast and Belgrade stories), but inevitably vastly different as well. Like maybe if we shot 80s new-wave Romantics out into space and this was the aliens' reinterpretation of it. It's great anyway.

Heterotopias (look at that amazing album cover! the title is a Foulcautian reference to boot! too much radness!) is out this week on Skrot Up and deBonton Records.

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