Saturday 16 June 2012

Google Give Me Mind Spiders

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday! For whatever reason, Google locked me out of my own site just so I could set up a Google+ profile. I have no idea what the hell went on, but we seem to be back on board. So I thought as celebration we should all get down to the excellent Mind Spiders record Meltdown (on Dirtnap Records). Texas' finest exponents of garage rock (featuring members of Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Bad Sports and Uptown Bums) have totally smashed this one out of the park, whilst still remaining Mark Ryan's baby. This tracks sound simple, yet huge - no easy feat. See opener 'You Are Dead' as the perfect example - a Ramones-riffing rollicker that chugs along at two minutes yet implores that you don't listen to the rest of the record, just hit rewind and replay. The first half of the album is top-heavy with hits, and shows a nice downturn with the organ-fuelled 'More Than You'. There is a slight shift in the second half (see the sci-fi schizophrenia of 'Skull Eyed' or the synth-spazz meltdown of closer, err, 'Meltdown', for example) but the hooks remain indelibly infectious. A fantastic record.

Meltdown can be gleaned here. DO IT.

Mind Spiders - You Are Dead
Mind Spiders - Play Out Loud
Mind Spiders - Wait For Us

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