Tuesday 5 June 2012

Horsing Around In Palo Verde's Zero Hour

These guys are pretty damned ace. I was approached a little while back by Phratry Records (Swear Jar, Mala In Se) about this sludge-metal improv duo called Palo Verde that they thought I would dig. Well, as happened at the end of last year, things got a little hectic, and they fell through the cracks. I've been listening to their Zero Hour record - and it fucking slays, especially opening track 'Dark Meadow For Long Night'. Seriously if you liked my Die On Planes post the other week, or love your music to fall somewhere between Rangda and Shellac but without those troublesome lyrics, then you will love this. Loud, deliberately abrasive, bordering on offensive, ballsy, and definitely rock. The best part? That it is also catchy - the band don't stray from dynamism, so in the end it inexplicably remains about the sum of its parts - this is soooooo tight. These girls (yes, the ladies can flay your eardrums too...) are amazing. If you get to see em, I envy you - seriously.

Grab Zero Hour here - NOW.

Palo Verde - Dark Meadow For Long Night

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