Thursday 21 June 2012

Crystallised Glass Vaults

Last year I really dug the Glass and Into Clear EPs from Wellington, NZers Glass Vaults. So when this track 'Crystallise' dropped in my inbox late last week, I was pretty excited. And as it pans out, that excitement was duly warranted. The track slips around from sonorous lullaby to syncopated shudder with nary a shrug. Richard Larsen's voice wafts over the mix much like Sigur Ros' Jonsi - in fact this track is mirroring their landscape as much as any mere mortal can, until three and a half minutes in when everything slips into molten fissures and the world enters a fracturing of symmetry, percussive blasts leading us through another wormhole entirely. It is, quite simply, exquisite - one of the best standalone songs of the year.

'Crystallise' is a precursor to WHAT WE CAN ONLY ASSUME WILL BE A BRILLIANT LONGPLAYER (note the capitals is me imploring, rather than an actual fact). They are currently touring around the US over the summer period, so get in there if you are around (check dates here). Head over to Jukboxr to pick up the EPs, or head here to pay what you want for the downloads. Trust me - these babies are worth some of your bread.

Glass Vaults - Crystallise

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