Friday 1 June 2012

Friday Cover Up - Prince Fever Heats Chips

It certainly has been Prince fever here in Australia. I didn't go. And I dint care. It pisses me off that people tell me I should, too. I don't mind Prince, and his secret show idea is pretty rad, but I am not disappointed that I didn't see him play, especially for $360 that a certain friend paid for tix. So here is Hot Chip squeezing 'If You Would Be My Girlfriend' into their version of 'Night and Day' on some Zane Lowe BBC1 recording. Apart from the amazing drummer, I don't care about Hot Chip either. Enjoy...or not. Seriously though, the drummer is pretty killer.

I'm off to drink - sounds like I need it, huh? Well, I'm rosy, seeing Blank Realm support Zola Jesus in a second then backing up to see The Horrortones, so definitely cannot complain! Enjoy the weekend people!!!

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