Monday 14 June 2010

Gettin' Wet...

I was dubious when the single 'Born Stoked' came across my desk. Wet Illustrated - if a Chet, Chad and Ralph from frat house Alpha Omega Wanker formed a band to sing about their beer bong chugging and how big their theoretical dicks were, this would be the name that would be picked. So its with a hell of a surprise that not only am I posting about this band, Im championing their efforts.

They are nothing like the aforementioned faux slacker circle jerk band I had created in my mind. These San Franciscans - helped out by Tim from Fresh and Onlys - have crafted a perfect summer slice of guitar pop that has drunken singalong prowess and pogoing to burn. A mix between Japandroids of '09 (see previous post to get my meaning) and my mates' Brissy band Nova Scotia - as random a comparison as any, and Ill post about Nova Scotia soon to give you an idea of what I mean - 'Born Stoked' - the debut 7" single, put out by Corvette City Records - should generate a hell of a lot of excitement for these guys. I cant get it out of my head, especially due to the shitty weather of the past few days...

Wet Illustrated - Born Stoked

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