Saturday 12 June 2010

Dirtier Three

Dirty Three - seminal Melbourne three piece whose instrumental menageries can evoke edginess, anarchy, meloncholia, and beauty in equal measures. An intrinsic part of the Australian - indeed, the global - musical fabric. But before the inception of the Dirty Three, there was...

Venom P Stinger - an unrelenting hardcore prowler of a Melbourne band, completely uncompromising in their approach to music and their audience, unable and unwilling to fit in or sound like anyone else, forever destined to wade waist deep in the ether of the subconscious darkness. Formed by two-thirds of the Dirty Three, guitarist Mick Turner and drummer Jim White, along with bassist Alan Secher-Jensen and mencing vocallist Dugald Mackenzie, Venom P Stinger put out a killer LP in 1986, Meet My Friend Venom - so pertinent today in its rawness and power, and amazing sound considering the age and the lack of production values. The band split up and reformed a number of times over a decade-long career, producing two more albums (What's Yours Is Mine and Tearbucketer) and a smattering of EPs and 7" releases, plus various lineup changes.

This is one underground act that is begging to be followed, devoured and worshipped. They reformed again for Pavement's ATP in May. I didn't go, but I told my sister to go see them, therefore seeing them by proxy. But did she or her boyfriend listen? No. However, the rest of you listen - they are still, all these years and other projects down the line, a completely uncompromising blitzkreig of a live act, and if you ever, EVER, get the chance to see them, sell your vital organs to do so. I know I will.

Venom P Stinger - PCP Crazy

Venom P Stinger - Full Circle

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