Saturday 19 June 2010

Unwieldly footwear make National anthems

Predominantly intriguing and beguiling instrumental act Clogs have been gracing the periphery of musical majesty for a while. Their 10 year history has seen them build in strength, even if founding member Bryce Dessner's other band The National have taken precedence. Originally a collaboration between Dessner and Aussie Padme Newsome, Clogs have evolved into an elegaic creature that takes its listener into an ethereal underworld, offering luminence, epiphanies and virtuosity in equal measures. Graceful in its strangeness, Clogs feel at home when in a place that is alien.

They are releasing an amazingly structured album, The Creatures In The Garden Of Lady Walton, which features collaborations with The National's Matt Beringer and Sufjan Stevens. It is brilliant. It really is a difficult beast to explain, so you really need to immerse yourself into it. For a starter, here is 'Last Song', featuring Beringer, possibly the simplest structured song on the album and of their oeuvre - and yet all the more striking because of it...

Clogs - The Last Song

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